Walking tennis

walking your way to better health and fitness

What is Walking Tennis?

Walking Tennis is a new iteration of the traditional game. Designed to be inclusive and for all abilities it offers a great way to take advantage of all the physical and mental benefits that the game of tennis has to offer. 

The game is played on a full size court in either singles, double or even triples formats. The rules of the game are the same as the traditional game other than that you have the option of a second bounce if needed and the balls used are of a lower compression. 

Walking tennis can easily be adapted to cater for a wide variety of ages, abilities and skills. It is ideal for those with long standing health conditions or of low physical fitness.


Some of the benefits of walking tennis

Increased Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Fitness.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke.

Improved Management of many Chronic Conditions such as High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Improved Balance

Increased Muscle Strength and Power

Helps Maintain Bone Density