Walk, move and feel better with walk fit

What is Walk Fit?

Our Walk Fit Classes are carefully crafted to build strength, mobility, stability, power, coordination and balance. Classes are classified as moderate intensity so suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Exercises are sequenced carefully so that functional capacity is developed throughout the session and builds over time. Classes are fun, but at the same time challenging enough to get each participant progressing towards their goals.

All classes are held outdoors so as to enable us to use the environment to get best results.


Some of the benefits of walk fit

Increases Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Fitness.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke.

Improves Management of many Chronic Conditions such as High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Improves Balance

Increases Muscle Strength and Power

Helps Maintain Bone Density

frequently asked questions

Who Can Benefit From Walk Fit?

The simple answer to this one is everyone. If you want to lead a full and active life then this class will help you achieve that. If you do have any concerns then please contact us.

What Is A Class Like?

We believe that variety is the spice of life therefore classes will vary from week to week. We will typically focus on different areas of functionality and then look at how we might improve them.  We then build on this new functional awareness with a Nordic Walking component designed to cement what has been learnt in the preliminary segment of the class.

Where Do Classes Take Place?

All classes are held outdoors and on Clifton Downs. The meeting point for daytime classes is outside Cafe Retreat for the downs classes and the car park for the Blaise Castle class. 

Do Classes Still Take Place If It Rains?

Yes all classes will run as normal even when it rains. We do suggest however you wear appropriate clothing for the weather at the time? If there is a risk of lightning or very high winds we will not run sessions until the risk has passed.

What Do I Need To Bring?

There is no need to bring anything with you in particular. However if the weather is very hot you might find bringing a water bottle with you might be a good idea (particularly if you sweat heavily when exercising).

How Do I Book A Class?

Simply go to the booking page of this website and find the class and time that you are interested in and click to book. If you do experience any difficulty then you can also book by texting me on 07411 263 207.