Group fitness classes

Primal Outdoor Fitness


Get strong, fast, agile and powerful with this primal movement pattern based class.

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Cross-Train Conditioning


Get fit for your sport with our cross train fitness class. Whatever sport you do this sports conditioning class will get you fitter and functioning better.

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Shamballs is a fun and action pack gameified fitness class. You'll have so much fun you won't even realise you're getting fitter. 

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Get Strong to Live Long


This specially designed exercise class reverses the strength and power decline normally associated with the aging process.

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Run Strong


 Run with better economy and get injured less with our run strong fitness classes. 

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Indian Club Swinging


Get an whole body workout with this centuries old practice of club swinging. Probably the best exercise you've never tried. 

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Nordic Pole Walking


Walking is one of the most functional and high frequency movements we do. Super charge your walking with my Nordic Walking Class.

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Nordic Pole Running


Improve your gait and overall body strength with our pole running class. The addition of the poles contributes to enhancing you running workout by integrating the upper body.

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Corrective Nordic Walking


Walking is one of our most frequent functional movements. This corrective class uses gait analysis and corrective exercise to get you walking pain free and efficiently.

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Cardio Tennis


 Cardio Tennis is a great new way of getting and staying fit that involves a mixture of all action games, drills and skills. 

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High Intensity Interval Tennis Training involves high intensity basket coached drill session. Classes are small to maximise volume.

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Walking Tennis


Walking Tennis is a new iteration of tennis that is just hitting the tennis scene. Played with slower balls and a second bounce with you'll soon be getting all the fitness benefits that tennis has to offer.

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