get strong to live a long and INDEPENDENT life

What is Get Strong To Live Long?

As we get older  (particularly during the second half of our lives) we will see a rapid decline in strength. Unfortunately this is poorly understood amongst the general population, which means that it is not given the attention that is so desperately needed. Appropriate regular strength training is a must as we get older, loss of muscle mass and the subsequent decline in strength is associative factor in -  most falls, loss of independence, delayed recovery from surgical interventions, hospital survival and much more.

The good news is that with appropriate training muscle mass can be regained regardless of age or physical status. Our classes use a scientifically proven approach to regaining muscle mass, strength and power.  

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Some of the benefits of get strong to live long

Increased Strength

Increased Power

Maintain Bone Density

Improved Functionality

Increase Muscle Mass

Improved Quality of Life

FREQUENTLY asked questions

Who can benefit from Get Strong To Live Long?

The simply answer is everyone, this particular class though is tailored for older individuals or those that have had a long period of inactivity.

What is a class like?

Classes will vary frequently but are all centered around improving strength in key functional areas such as glutes and back.

Where do classes take place?

To take advantage of the natural benefits of training outside all classes take place on the Clifton Downs (meeting point Saville Road - Holleybush Junction)

What do I need to bring?

We recommend you wear clothing appropriate for the weather of the day - something comfortable that doesn't restrict movement would be best. If you sweat a lot we would also recommend something to rehydrate.