Cross Train Bootcamp

The best allover workout you'll ever get

What is Cross Train?

Cross Train is a carefully blended exercise programme that will help meet the needs of any individual who is  looking to improve either their sports performance or general fitness. 

Classes are both fun, varied and two sessions are every the same...but at the same time classes follow an important sequenced schedule of progressions that will enable everyone participating to get the best out of themselves.

This is a must try class, you will never look back once you've tried it.


some of the benefits of cross train

Improves Athletic Strength

Improves Coordination

Improves Force Production and Force Reduction

Improves Core Stability

Improves Mobility and Range of Movement

Improves Balance and Reaction Speed

frequently asked questions

Who Can Benefit From Cross Train

Cross Train uses an interdisciplinary approach so is ideal for those wishing to improve general physical fitness or sports performance. Cross Train will look to build capacity on key biomotor skills such as coordination, balance, stability and force production. For those of you who play a specific sport or do a repetitive activity such as running then Cross Train will provide a fantastic alternative that will address some of the repetitive consequences of your sport.

What Is A Class Like?

Classes last for one hour in which we typically use a wide variety of different approaches all designed to aid the development of  biomotor skills. That said the sessions will follow a framework that can be adapted to meet the needs of the individuals attending.

Where Do Classes Take Place?

All classes are held outdoors and on Clifton Downs. The meeting point for daytime classes is outside Cafe Retreat and for evening classes we will meet half way down Ladies Mile. For either class please look out for the Exercise Bristol Flag Banner. 

What Do I Need To Bring?

There is no need to bring anything with you in particular. However if the weather is very hot you might find bringing a water bottle with you might be a good idea (particularly if you sweat heavily when exercising). 

How Do I Book A Class?

Simply go to the booking page of this website and find the class and time that you are interested in an click to book. If you do experience any difficulty then you can also book by texting me on 07411 263 207. 

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